Jewellery care

At Bisou, we strongly advise you to take care of your jewelry in order to maintain the shine of your pieces. We highly recommend taking off your jewelry before showering, swimming, doing your make-up and going to bed because exposure to certain chemicals or environments (e.g. perspiration, perfumes/colognes, cleaning products; chlorine, salt water etc.) may compromise the integrity of your pieces. It is also crucial to avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme humidity and heat for longer periods of time as this causes tarnishing. When storing your jewelry it is important to avoid exposure to sunlight or warm environments, ideally in a padded jewelry box, tarnish-resistant bag or individual airtight plastic (polyethylene) bags. You should prevent using rubber containers as these can result in accelerated tarnishing and are more likely to cause your pieces to darken. Under no circumstances should you store your jewelry in a bathroom or similar humid, foggy location. Please keep in mind that Bisou boxes are not designed to keep your items in perfect condition for prolonged periods of time, as they are not airtight containers. Bisou Antwerp cannot guarantee that the gold-plating of our items will last forever. Gold-plated items are, by nature, more fragile and thus susceptible to color over time. The pace at which the color fading will occur is highly dependent on the various factors mentioned above. It is therefore particularly important to ensure suitable care of your gold-plated jewelry.